Streamlining the Admissions Process with Student Focused Guided Journeys

Students are guided thorugh the entire admissions process with our innovative digital checklist. Custom links shephard candidates seamlessly to the right content, right web pages, and application forms.  Configurable plans are easily set-up in our system (by our Innovation Team) for each step in your instiution's admissions process. The platform sends automated reminders and other critical messages. The system tracks student status, and powers automated nurturing and nudges, resulting in high conversions.

Ci redefines the college admissions process for students.

Building Bonds with Candidates

Relevant and personalized communications are deployed with our powerful automation engine.

What students are saying about their admissions experience using the Ci app

I was able to easily identify what programs were best suited to me, and I found Wheaton College to be an amazing fit! I couldn’t be happier with my decision, and I know it would have been much more stressful to get through the entire process without an app like College Interactive.


College Interactive was a tremendous help for me when navigating the overwhelming admissions process. Especially helpful was the digital checklist that kept me on track with reminders and direct links to everything I needed to accomplish. Getting from step one to completion was so simple. Thanks CI!


I was able to research everything in one simple place, and stay on top of looming deadlines and things I needed to complete and submit. College Interactive helped me get into the right college and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for the opportunities it gave me!