A Connected Experience Drives Enrollment Outcomes


Our off the shelf solution connects your candidates seamlessly to your entire eco-system without any formal IT integration. With our no code system, our team sets you up on day 1 without any disruption to your current model.

Your candidates are proactively supported throughout the entire admissions journey, in one completely connected experience.


We can configure the experience to support the entire funnel, from lead activation and engagement to driving attendance at open houses, information sessions, admitted student events and orientation.

Automatic alerts and reminders at every step of the process ensures applicants dont miss a beat

Built in admissions statusesĀ  means students never lose track of what they need to do next, and don't miss critical milestones.

Your reps can leverage our two way texting to establish one-to-one relationships from early interest all the way to enrollment.

A powerful analytics and reporting tool allows you to identify the most engaged candidates in real-time and over selected date ranges.

A better digital student experience leads to higher persistence throughout the admissions process, resulting in higher yield.

We do all the work!

Our team configures your fully branded app experience in a matter of hours. We do all the work, meaning no strain on your already limited internal resources.

We build an automated communication workflow that emulates your current communication plan, track and report on engagement, and work with your marketing and admissions team on best practices to leverage data and target the most engaged candidates.


Accelerating Your Digital Transformation- The 2022 Ci Innovation Lab

What studentsĀ are saying about their admissions experience using the Ci app

I was able to easily identify what programs were best suited to me, and I found Wheaton College to be an amazing fit! I couldn’t be happier with my decision, and I know it would have been much more stressful to get through the entire process without an app like College Interactive.


As a first generation college student, I was pretty much on my own when it came to applying to college. College Interactive was a tremendous resource, and especially helpful was the checklist inside the app that kept me on track with alerts and reminders and links every day TO the things I needed to accomplish. Getting from step one to completion was so simple. Thanks Ci!


Navigating the admissions process started out as what seemed impossible. But then with Ci, everything was all in one simple app, which helped me stay on top of looming deadlines and things I needed to complete and submit. College Interactive helped me get into the right college and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for the opportunities it gave me!