Welcome to the Ci Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab was created for higher education professionals and their institutions to learn about, plan, practice and implement a mobile app strategy designed to unify your brand and amplify communications across your entire student recruitment eco-system. 

  • Learn, experiment, co-innovate and develop the business model that works best for you to drive the pre-enrollment stage of your student lifecycle.

  • Accelerate your digital transformation roadmap (by years) with a “buy” vs. “build-it-yourself model”, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Innovate and try new technologies and methods without disruption to current models, workflows and methods. 

  • Position your institution as a thought leader in higher education innovation.

  • Join your peers in the Ci User Group to collaborate, share results, strategize, and learn collectively about best-practices. 

  • And finally, respond to the growing demand of today’s digital native audience with a “best-in-class” digital native app experience.

How it Works 

The Ci team (former enrollment managers, student recruitment professionals, and technology innovators) manages all the activities important to the initial phases, as well as the many tasks, activities, and management necessary to take the idea from its initial concept phases, through implementation, to a full-scale product launch.
  • Strategize and collaborate with the Ci team, who creates and hosts an institutionally branded mobile app experience.

  • Learn how to include the app as part of your communication plan, and make it available to every prospect in your pipeline, through a variety of current communication channels.

  • Test the automated and personalized app communication tools, leveraging this new and unique channel to reach your candidates.

  • Track candidate engagement, and conversions from earliest interest all the way to enrollment, and compare to current models.

What is Involved?

  • A 6 month or 1 year program

  • An internal key stakeholder(s) to work with the Ci team

  • Cooperation and engagement by the IT, Admissions and Marketing team

  • Feedback and acceptance testing/reporting by internal stakeholders and candidates

What Does it Cost?

The investment is minimal and affordable for any institution. Please contact us to learn more

Anticipated Learnings & Results

  • Insights on how a mobile app experience can activate more “leads”, drive higher rates of personalized engagement with candidates, and ID trends to better pipeline management and conversions

  • Learn how a native app experience can bolt-on to and amplify current methods and models without disruption.

  • Insights on how this new channel will reduce overall cost of student acquisition.

  • Determine next steps on how to fully adopt and incorporate a native app experience in the pre-enrollment phase of your student’s journey.

    Register here, and our team will set-up a demo of your institutionally branded, fully functional mobile app. See first hand how an app connects candidates to your brand and drives enrollment outcomes.