The Mobile Moment - App Powered Communications Means High Engagement and Improved Conversions

An app dedicated to student recruitment and admissions means all of your communications are delivered to one central location. Activate more of your non-responsive leads, drive attendance to admissions events, and support candidates to take action like at every stage of your admissions process, from earliest interest to enrollment.
Real-Time Alerts

Instant notifications provide incredible open rates (we have seen 99%) and responsiveness (you can expect click rates to exceed 50%), unlike email, or phone calls. And this all happens within 30 seconds of receipt. Automatic and pro-active communications at the right time, with the right content supports candidates at every step of the process so they never miss critical communications or milestones.

Ci Chat - One-to-One Text Messaging

Did you know that across all age groups, people spend over 4 hours per day usingĀ  apps? CiChat (instant messaging) provides a direct one-to-one channel for admissions reps and candidates to have personalized communications, throughout the entire cycle from earliest interest all the way to enrollment. Your candidates are more comfortable communicating this way, creating trust and stronger bonds at each stage of the admissions cycle.



Interactive Messages

CiInsight MobileGone are the days of expecting students to read long emails, or websites full of content. They want information accessible the same way they are accustomed to and demand as "digital consumers". Ci allows students to learn about your programs, answer critical questions, and identify as good fit candidates quickly and seamlessly.

Experience CiInsight for Yourself

Automated Admissions Updates & Checklist

One of the challenges for any candidate during the admissions process is in navigating the various communication channels and systems. Ci delivers admissions updates, alerts, and statuses right within the app. With all of the links and information in one place, candidates can easily see what's required next in the process, or link directly to your portal.

A Modern Day App Experience Drives Enrollment


Email and phone calls are no longer as effective as they were a generation ago. GenZ and Millenials live a mobile only lifestyle, powered by mobile apps. Ci bridges the engagement and communication gap with an app experience dedicated to student recruitment.

The Ci team of experienced enrollment managers will configure an app experience to amplify your current communication plan.

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