The Ci Difference in Recruitment and Access

CiEngage - So Much More than a Name

Are you “purchasing names” of unknown suspects, and relying heavily on traditional channels like email and direct mail to reach potential candidates, promote your institution, get candidates engaged, and differentiate your college’s brand?

With Ci access students earlier in their college planning process:

  • Target students who are already demonstrating interest, and tracking candidate engagement.
  • Leverage two-way mobile app communications that instantly connects you with candidates
  • Allow prospects to explore your best attributes in a simple app experience
  • Empower candidates to quickly decide if they align with your school and programs

With CiEngage you are able to deliver personalized and relevant content to students 24/7.

CiEngage's app-based approach eliminates traditional lead generation forms, allowing students to share their profile with the click of one button. We host a fully interactive experience for you, and student profiles of those who are “raising their hand” flows automatically into your secure portal, where you can track the engagement and ingest the data.

Why Ci?

Explore Ci’s Student Recruitment and Access Tools

Drive Qualified Candidates with CiInsight - an Interactive Experience

CiInsight MobileLet us create a mobile interactive experience to promote your brand with CiInsight. Customize with information about your school, capture valuable student data with custom questions to determine level of interest, include custom calls to action, and more. With one click students can share their profile with you, no forms required. This unique interactive experience allows students to learn about what you have to offer quickly and answer critical questions to help you measure interest and fit.

Experience CiInsight for Yourself

Increase Your Brand Awareness & Your Student Matches with a Featured Profile

Ci Featured College ProfileReach our social community of over 1 million college bound and college aged students with our promotional opportunities within the app and across our social channels which generate over 10 million impressions per month.

Put your school front and center on the Ci mobile app with:

  • Featured Profile – Build a microsite within the Ci app with a robust profile on your college that app users can access to learn more about your school and reach out for more information. The Ci app automatically suggests colleges to users based on their self-contributed preferences and the detailed information you provide in your profile.
  • Featured College Listing – Upgrade your profile with a featured college listing that students’ access via the ‘Featured College’ tool in the app to boost your exposure to app users and help drive traffic to your microsite.
  • In-AppSearch Indexing (SEO) helps further boost your profile’s exposure by ensuring your school profile appears when students search on specific terms that you select on the app, much like traditional web-based SEO.
Leverage a Personalized Mobile Chat Portal & Messaging

Ci Inbox MessagingDid you know 52% of teens ages 13 to 17 spending 3 or more hours a day on messaging apps? CiMessaging and CiChat works seamlessly with the suite of modules that make up CiEngage, allowing colleges to enhance their communication results over traditional methods such as direct mail and email. CiMessaging allows colleges to deploy branded communications, with graphics and links directly to the student message inbox on the Ci mobile app. CiChat provides admissions reps with a way to locate interest candidates, and start a real-time chat using app-based communication that students prefer.

Features include instant lock screen notifications, one-to-one personalized communications, select audience targeting, views of student profiles, and robust activity and engagement reporting. CiMessaging and CiChat allows colleges to directly engage with best fit student candidates at every stage of the recruitment funnel, from first touch all the way through enrollment.

Professional Services & Support

Ci has over 30 years experience creating and executing traditional admissions recruiting service such as content development, traditional search campaigns (email), print, direct mail, Viewbooks, Application kits/folders, Open House mailings, banners, posters, apparel. We can support your efforts in these areas as well.

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