Engage with Candidates On Their Preferred Platform - Your Brand In Their Back Pocket

Ci bridges the engagement and communication gaps between candidates and their platform preferences: mobile apps vs email and phone. Every major brand in the consumer world provides their customer a preference on how they would like to engage, whether its an airline, a bank or retailer. Shouldn't you?

Track Candidate Engagement and Say Good Bye to Stealth Prospects

You pay a lot of money for SEO, and other digital advertising that results in stealth visitors to your website. Candidates engaging on Ci are identifiable and with our lead scoring tools, you can target students who are demonstrating the most interest, and tracking candidate engagement. Ci also can eliminate traditional RFI forms, allowing students to iinquire and start an application with the click of one button.

90% of all mobile engagement is on Apps.

A Suite of Unique Recruitment Tools

One-to-One Chat Portal

Did you know 52% of teens ages 13 to 17 spending 3 or more hours a day on messaging apps? CiMessaging works seamlessly with our full suite of modules allowing you to enhance your personalized communication results. CiChat provides admissions reps with a way to locate interest candidates, and start a real-time chat using app-based communication that students prefer.

With instant lock screen notifications, candidates respond at close to a 60% rate on Ci.

Capture Valuable Candidate Data with CiInsight - an Interactive Experience

CiInsight MobileLet us create a mobile interactive experience to promote your brand with CiInsight. Customize with information about your school, capture valuable student data with custom questions to determine level of interest, include custom calls to action, and more. With one click students can share their profile with you, no forms required. This unique interactive experience allows students to learn about what you have to offer quickly and answer critical questions to help you measure interest and fit.

Experience CiInsight for Yourself

Strategic Enrollment Consulting

Ci evolved from over 30 years of strategic enrollment services. Our seasoned enrollment professionals can collaborate with you to asses your current communication plan, and formulate an omni-channel approach (that includes the Ci app) that delivers results, as we have done for well over 100 colleges and universities.

Custom Print, Mail and Email Solutions

Our creative pros have worked with more than 100 colleges to design and execute on omni-channel search and recruitment campaigns that include email, print, direct mail and digital marketing components.

With our unique on-demand print portal we can automatically deploy fully customized Viewbooks, Application kits, Open House mailings, and more tied to the app experience or as stand alone services.

We can tailor a program designed to help meet your most challenging objectives.

Read about how our college partners have achieved their recruitment and enrollment goals using Ci