Introducing CiInsight – An Interactive Experience to Modernize Student Search & Recruitment

Colleges rely heavily on email and print advertising to market to prospective college bound students by buying or renting lists. These lists provide basic information but tell colleges very little about the student in terms of interest level or fit. As a result, colleges struggle to deliver a relevant and personalized experience and can only make inferences about the target audience of “suspect students” based on just a few data points such as location and test scores. We are excited to announce unique solution to this issue with the release of CiInsight our newest product powered by Jebbit, the world’s leading declared data platform. Read the press announcement here.

CiInsight Offers Colleges a New Way to Connect with the Right Students

The new CiInsight experience, part of the CiEngage platform, provides a new way for students to quickly learn about a college’s offerings, ask them relevant questions, and connect students with the colleges, all in a “mobile focused” app experience. Using the Ci mobile app students are able to explore over 4,000 colleges, opt-in to receive communications from them, and use a host of other resources for the entire college planning and application process. The CiInsight experience has been designed to embrace how GenZ and Millennials consume content on social media.

CiInsight leverages Jebbit’s high-converting mobile interactive experiences to allow Ci mobile app users to learn about a college’s offerings quickly, opt-in to receive more information and answer critical questions to help colleges measure student interest and fit. The unique approach also allows students to engage with any number of colleges without revealing their identity until they decide to “opt in” and share their personally identifiable information (PII).

CiInsight Empowers High Yield Conversions

The early results of CiInsight are proving it to be extremely effective. CiInsight immersive and educational experiences have delivered an average of a 65% click through rate, and an 89% content completion rate. The results show that students find it an effective way to learn more about their college options and ‘raise their hand’ if they are interested.”

CiInsight’s opt-in-based engagement model directly addresses data privacy concerns regarding the sharing of student PII. College Interactive’s technology allows students and colleges to engage with each other anonymously, until such point a student decides to “opt in” and share their PII with a college. This actionable data is then used to further personalize the outreach to prospective students, and to help colleges nurture best fit candidates through the app.