Changing the Game in Student Recruitment- the modern day mail box in every prospect's hand.

Smartphones are the most effective way to access and engage with your new "mobile only" GenZ audience.  Ci is world's only unified mobile app experience exclusively for student recruitment. Ci puts a modern day “mail box" in the pocket of every student prospect - 24/7.

Key Features & Benefits of the Ci Experience

  • MASS PERSONALIZATION, AT SCALE — relevant content is deployed front and center on prospects’ phones.
  • DIFFERENTIATE YOUR BRAND — admissions communication is not comingled as it is in a postal mailbox, email inbox, or text messaging. Stand out in a sea of choices.
  • HIGHER ENGAGEMENT RATES - that outperform other "legacy" channels up to 10X.
  • INTERACTIVE - graphic rich communications including use of video that is more effective than text based communication
  • ENGAGEMENT SCORING - track engagement for every prospect, targeting the most viable candidates throughout the admissions funnel, from first touch to enrollment.
  • ELIMINATE RFI FORMS- nearly half of high school students acknowledge that they stop filling out forms because they are too long. With Ci students can submit their student profile data with the click of a button.
  • ANALYTICS - engagement reporting, analytics and predictive capabilities to target candidates that are most likely to visit campus, apply, and enroll.
  • OPTIMIZE CURRENT ASSETS -  quickly load student search list purchases and all inquires into the system, just like you do with your CRM.
  • BUILD AUTHENTIC ONE-ON-ONE RELATIONSHIPS - connect with candidates where they are comfortable communicating (chat), and maintain open dialogue throughout the admissions cycle.
  • STRENGTHEN OMNI- CHANNEL STRATEGIES- adding mobile will make your other channels even more effective.


Leverage your current assets using Ci's mobile access and engagement tools, from first touch through enrollment.

It's the most innovative and modern day way to engage with students who are already in your funnel, or who may be finding and exploring your school on the Ci app. With Ci it's as simple as loading names into our system to begin start engaging with them right away, at any stage of admission cycle.

With CiEngage you will more effectively and directly access and engage with your prospects, in a personalized way, at scale. You can use Ci at the top of the funnel, and throughout the cycle. Drive brand awareness and differentiate yourself, convert more of your  "search names" to leads, and identify more "right fit" candidates using highly engaging mobile-app campaigns. Track engagement, and target highest probability candidates based on demonstrated interest.

Your Data- Always Secure & Private
Data privacy and security is of the highest priority at Ci. Your student data remains in your custody at all times, and your database is never accessible to any other school or organization.  All names or leads loaded into our system are automatically coded. Only you can communicate with your leads, and at no time do we "sell" student data to any other companies. Our data environment provides the highest level of security and encryption available today, with a secure web portal that provides you and your administrators access to your data 24/7.


Mobile Powered Prospect Engagement & Recruitment for UGrad, Grad, and On Line programs. See Our Story

Activate and engage with more candidates compared to legacy channels. Target ideal prospects who are most likely to convert to visits, applications and enrollments.

With CiEngage™ you have direct real-time access to all students who are engaging with your school. You can target ideal candidates quickly and affordably. Ci not only provides prospective students a seamless app experience to quickly learn about you, but a new exciting set of data for you to measure their intent and level of interest. The Ci experience has been designed to embrace how GenZ and Millennials consume content - on their phones. Directly through the app they can  "opt-in" for more information, schedule a campus visit, and answer any number of insightful questions you might like to ask - all with the click of a button through a seamless interactive experience.

When it comes to engagement, CiEngage outperforms traditional communication channels up to 10X, provides unmatched access to prospective students, and delivers rich student information that not only allow you to convert more "names" to "interested candidates", but allow you nurture them throughout the funnel. You can start using Ci at any stage of the admissions cycle, from first touch all the way through enrollment. Our secure web portal makes it simple to export the data and import into in any CRM.

Why Ci is Different

CiInsight Mobile

Leverage Ci across your entire enrollment funnel with proven results


Reach and activate more students in your historically challenging markets and regions. They may not have every day and easy access to a computer, but they all have smart phones. Reach them where they are constantly.


Ci provides analytics and engagement reporting to target the candidates most probable to convert to visits, applications and enrollments.


Communicate in a personalized way, at scale, with your mobile only audience through an app dedicated 100% to college. For an even more personalized approach, use our exclusive CiChat tool to build strong one-on-one relationships.


Optimize your current assets (purchased search names), improve the effectiveness of your omni-channel recruiting strategy, and reduce your cost of student acquisition.

80% Unique Candidates
Fewer and fewer high school students are responsive to email marketing, and less are paying attention to snail mail. Over 80% of candidates who engage on Ci are not engaging with you on other channels.
5X Higher

Students who interact on the Ci mobile app are 5X more likely to convert when compared to traditional communication methods. With a 34% average click rate you can engage candidates with personalized content and interactive experiences based on their profile and college preferences.

90% Engagement Rate Interactive messages, surveys, and quizzes result in extremely high engagement and rich profiles. Target high probability prospects with one-to-one personalized communication.
7,000,000+ College Searches Potential candidates are demonstrating interest in your school. By tracking interactions at each stage of the recruitment funnel, pre-determine which candidates are most likely to visit, apply, and ultimately deposit and enroll at your institution.

Learn how other Colleges are using CiEngage to drive engagement and enrollment

Students use Ci for their entire college planning journey, including college search. Connect with students who are already demonstrating interest in YOUR college.