Mobile Powered Student Recruitment & Enrollment

As former enrollment and higher education marketing professionals, we know what you're up against to meet your increasingly challenging enrollment goals. Resources are limited, and more than ever before you need to rely on effective virtual engagement.  Ci's powerful mobile marketing automation can take your recruitment strategies immediately into the 21st century, and without stressing your recruitment marketing budget.


A Branded App Experience

Ci provides your candidates a branded app admissions experience. We take care of everything, and with our no-code integration platform can have your custom app experience up and running in a matter of days. Your fully branded in-app profile is flexible and configurable and includes a variety of features:
Video Player
Social Media
Custom Linking
Google Maps
Campus Map
and more

Featured Custom Profile

Leverage Ci across the entire enrollment funnel. Undergrad, grad, on-campus, on-line, incoming freshmen, and transfer enrollment solutions.


With Ci you will activate and engage with more prospects and reach more historically challenging demographics of candidates, more often and more efffectively.


With our app analytics and engagement reporting you will be able to target candidates most probable to convert at any stage of the funnel.


Personalized and relevant communication will resonate with your mobile only audience.


Ci increases conversions by up to 3X, and reduces your cost of student acquisition.

Our college partners tell us that over 75% of candidates who engage on Ci are not engaging on other channels.
We do all the set-up and the system hums in the background while you focus on other priorities.
Ci is interoperable with all current ERP, SIS and CRM systems resulting in a fully automated solution

Read how other colleges and universities have used Ci to drive engagement and enrollment

Students who are on Ci for their college planning and admissions process convert to applications and enrollments at 2X greater rates than those who dont.