Changing the Game in Student Recruitment and Access

If you’re relying heavily on traditional, crowded recruiting and communication channels such as web, email, print and telemarketing then you aren't accessing today’s “mobile only” student audience effectively.

Enhance your student recruitment strategy using Ci's mobile access tools

CiEngage provides a student recruitment platform to improve the way you attract, access and engage with prospective candidates. With CiEngage access and attract new and unique prospects at the top of the funnel with mobile marketing. Drive brand awareness, build your funnel and fill it with more best fit candidates using mobile-app based  campaigns. Target highest probability candidates based on demonstrated interest with your content and access rich student-built profiles. Reach prospects using built-in messaging and chat for a personal recruiting  experience on the channel they prefer - mobile.

Mobile Powered Undergraduate and Graduate Student Recruiting for On Campus & Online Programs

Attract, access and engage with candidates on mobile

With CiEngage™ target ideal candidates quickly and affordably. It provides a new way for students to quickly learn about you and for you to measure to measure their intent. Using the Ci mobile app students are able to explore your college and opt-in to receive communications from you. The Ci experience has been designed to embrace how GenZ and Millennials consume content on mobile.

CiEngage’s opt-in-based engagement model directly addresses data privacy concerns. College Interactive’s technology allows students and colleges to engage with each other anonymously, until such point a student decides to “opt in” and share their PII with you. This actionable data is then used to further personalize the outreach to prospective students, and help you identify and nurture best fit candidates through the app.

You can access and connect with ideal candidates all in a mobile app experience. CiEngage outperforms traditional communication channels, provides unmatched access to unique students, delivers rich opt-in student information to improve your recruiting funnel.

Why Ci is Different

CiInsight Mobile

CiEngage Improves ROI & Student Search Over Traditional Marketing


Attract and reach more students from traditionally hard to market to regions, interests and backgrounds.


Match candidate criteria to student-built profiles in the app detailing their credentials and interests.


Communicate and market to students on the digital platform they prefer – and have 24/7 access to.


Dramatically reduce overall marketing costs compared to traditional channels such as print, email and telemarketing.

Grow Your Enrollment Funnel with Proven Results

80% Unique Candidates
Students are inquiring and opting in to the Ci College Search app for information about colleges every day. 80% of the students interacting with partner college content on the Ci app are new to their enrollment funnel.
5X Higher

Students who interact on the Ci mobile app are 5X more likely to convert when compared to traditional communication methods. With a 34% average click rate you can engage candidates with personalized content and interactive experiences based on their profile and college preferences.

90% Engagement Rate Interactive messages, surveys, and quizzes result in extremely high engagement and rich profiles. Target high probability prospects with one-to-one personalized communication.
7,000,000+ College Searches Potential candidates are demonstrating interest in your school. By tracking interactions at each stage of the recruitment funnel, pre-determine which candidates are most likely to visit, apply, and ultimately deposit and enroll at your institution.

Learn how other Colleges are using CiEngage to drive engagement and enrollment

We feature over 4,000 college profiles on our app. See who's already demonstrating interest in your college.