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Why we should embrace mobile apps for transfer admissions.

Reaching and engaging transfer prospects is hard. One of the biggest obstacles is related to the legacy communication channels being used by higher education today. Your target audiences are digital natives, and a mobile only generation. How can we continue to expect them to engage using last generation’s marketing methods? This generation has learned to tune out the noise of digital advertising, emails, and phone calls. Even text messages can wind up in a cluttered inbox. Yet, they pay attention almost exclusively to their MOBILE APPS. 90% of the time digital natives spend on their phones is on apps. Any other methods are simply much less effective than ever before. In 2020 alone there were over 200 billion app downloads. That number is staggering and speaks for itself.

Many colleges have had a campus based mobile app for enrolled students, and many for alumni engagement and fundraising. And although some universities may have mobile apps, nearly all rely primarily on a mobile ready web site for admissions. We need to think about how an app with automated and interactive features can improve conversions. Every major brand has shifted their marketing efforts and focus to their app experiences. It only makes sense, considering the preference of one of their key target audiences. The time seems perfect for higher education to make this migration. And to reinforce things even further, mobile app conversions outperform the mobile web 3:1.

As enrollment and student recruitment professionals, we understand the challenges in meeting enrollment goals in an ever shrinking market. Which is why we created CiRecruit, a modern day mobile app experience, exclusively designed for admissions. If you would like to learn more about our fresh new approach to enhance transfer recruitment strategies, you can schedule a brief introductory meeting here: We look forward to discussing your current Transfer Recruitment strategies and showing you how easy and affordable it is to put an app strategy in place.