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Infographic: Why College Recruiting Efforts Should Focus on More Than Just a Name

What’s in a name?

Are you “purchasing names” of unknown suspects, and relying heavily on traditional channels like email and direct mail to reach potential candidates, promote your institution, get candidates engaged, and differentiate your college’s brand?

We created this infographic to illustrate the difference between traditional student search approach that most colleges use versus College Interactive’s innovative and modern day approach. Discover how to improve your student search and engagement process with more than a just name and test scores. Ci delivers rich student-contributed profiles, plus the ability to identify and interact with students who are demonstrating interest, an engagement scoring tool, and the ability to deliver personalized and relevant content to students via our mobile app, empowering candidates to quickly decide if they align with your school and programs.

Read on to learn about the Ci difference in student search and prospect engagement.

What's in a name? How Ci Compares to Traditional Search
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