Transforming Student Recruitment with CiEngage

Interactive Micro-Content and One-to-One Personalized Communications

How CiEngage Will Drive ROI

  • Engage student candidates with personalized content and interactive experiences based on their individual student profile and college preferences
  • Allow students to engage with your institution in a 1:1 setting, educating them on the benefits that your school has to offer
  • Create extensive student profiles in order to deliver highly qualified candidates
  • Gather deeper insight on each prospect than possible with any other platform
  • By tracking interactions at each stage of the recruitment funnel, pre-determine which candidates are most likely to visit campus, apply, and ultimately deposit and enroll at your institution.

Empowering Students to Find the Right College

CiEngage helps students find the best fit schools by capturing rich data on that student’s preferences and desires. (I.E- School size, location, scholastic interests, and many more). The platform allows you to determine if a student is a good match, and you can target these candidates that best fit your objectives.


  • Campaign Title: Are you ready to apply for College?
  • Opt-in Rate:  80%
  • Completion Rate: 73%
  • Data Points Collected:  5 / Visitor
  • Average Time of Engagement: 1 min, 17s

Personality Quizzes

Build out extensive student profiles, with the ability to determine a prospect’s desires/preferences in a non-invasive setting. This is critical in aligning students to the right fit colleges for them and the right fit candidates for you. Universities will have the ability to build on-going campaigns and experiences, and guarantee quality engagement.


  • Campaign Title: Which Final Four Collegiate Contender Do You Match Up With?
  • Opt-in Rate:  74%
  • Completion Rate: 91%
  • Data Points Collected:  6 / Visitor
  • Average Time of Engagement: 54s

Educational Campaigns:

Leverage CiEngage to fuel education about your institution. Encourage students to share their findings on social channels, allow colleges to control the conversation, and create a more informative college search process for prospective students.


  • Campaign Title: Which College Major is Right for You?
  • Opt-in Rate:  92%
  • Completion Rate: 94%
  • Data Points Collected:  5 / Visitor
  • Average Time of Engagement: 1 min, 12s