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This Thanksgiving Try a Break From Tradition with Mobile-driven Student Recruitment

This Thanksgiving Try a Break From Tradition

Each year, we all celebrate Thanksgiving by cooking a tremendous turkey dinner with all the fixings.  After a half century of eating the traditional turkey dinner, many of you, as my and I family have done, like to switch it up a bit. We serve things like lobster, lasagna, or any other favorite dish that isn’t often shared at a traditional Thanksgiving table.

Changing our traditions up can be a good thing – in life and in the workplace. Consider College Interactive’s (Ci) mobile marketing solutions to improve your student recruitment efforts for the upcoming 2019 class. College Interactive is a mobile optimized and socially driven student recruitment solution that meets students where they are – on their smartphones. Ci allows you to directly access and network with a unique set of student prospects, in an automated and personalized way, resulting in improved engagement to support enrollment goals.

If you are one of those people who likes to explore new and creative ways to break tradition, give us a call!

Our best from all of us at the Ci family to you and your families for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.