Ci Ignite Program

Jump start the digital transformation of your admissions experience with the Ci Ignite Program.

The fi
rst 3 months are on us!

We know how challenging it can be to implement anything new and innovative. And when it comes to affordability, that can be a real road block.

That’s why we are offering the Ci Ignite Program: Sign up for a 9 month subscription to CiRecruit, and don’t start paying any monthly subscription fee for the first 3 months (a $7500 value).

After that, pay just $2500 per month for our all-inclusive, fully managed service. 

Regional Exclusivity

With a goal of protecting and differentiating your brand, and generating as many students as possible in your local market, we provide college partners exclusivity within a 50 mile radius from your main campus. 


Getting started is this simple:

  • Sign up for a 9 month subscription
  • Pay a one-time $2500 configuration fee 
  • Provide us your branding items: logo, colors, .EDU email address

It’s that easy. CiRecruit requires no integration, no work by your team, and it’s fully automated. 

CiRecruit includes the following:

  • A Modern Day Admissions Experience: Institutionally branded app experience, and unlimited number of candidates
  • Effective and Instant Communication with Candidates:  Message Center with app powered communications that get candidate responses at over 75% open rates, and 40% click rates
  • Digital Checklist for Candidates:  Ci’s exclusive Admissions Status roadmap, built right into the the app, that updates automatically, and keeps students on track to enrollment.
  • Real-Time, Actionable Data to Manage Pipeline:  Powerful reporting & analytics to drive decision-making
  • Managed Services & Unlimited Support:  Dedicated enrollment professionals and a fully managed service means you dont have to any of the work. 

Implementing CiRecruit is extremely easy, and nothing at all changes with your current recruitment strategy.

Yes, it is really this simple!