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Pathway to College

One of the biggest challenges for any young adult is finding their path to a fruitful and successful adult life. But not every family knows what higher education opportunities exist to guide their children, or has the resources for outside help. And not every student has the support of family. The resources they do have, often lead to a significant amount of confusing and complex – and sometimes opposing – information about cost, outcomes, admissions and the overall process to achieve higher ed. Technology, however, has the ability to provide ALL students with equal access to opportunities – leveling the playing field for all.

Equal access to higher education opportunities can be difficult for many students

The college search can be exciting and equally daunting. College bound students can face many challenges when searching for higher ed opportunities:

  • Some may not have adequate guidance and support at their school, or in their home.
  • They may be the first generation to attend college, making it a very new and unknown process.
  • Students in urban or rural centers may not be aware of opportunities beyond their city or region.
  • They may not have the resources to attend college fairs, or travel to campuses to visit and explore.
  • Many do not have access to computers on a regular basis to research colleges and the opportunities that are available to them.
  • Many students rule out college, period, because of the myths that they will never get in, or worse, they can never afford it.

But, most have access to smart phones. In fact 81 percent of high school students have a smartphone while only 64 percent own a laptop according to research from Pearson. The broad adoption of smartphones holds the key to providing equal access to higher education opportunities for ALL students.

What colleges and students can gain from taking the college search mobile

Colleges often struggle to find and attract students from outside of their region and with diverse backgrounds. To reach new students they often purchase names from standardized test administrators. This approach poses a few challenges. First not all students take these tests, so it’s not a complete snapshot of potential candidates. Second, if they take the test late in their junior year or fall of senior year it may be too late to introduce the right opportunities and colleges to them. Higher education institutions also participate in high school college fairs to access students, but can’t get to every school, again limiting their reach. And, students may not have the resources to attend the larger regional fairs held in their area.

The college search is a long process. Students need to be exposed to potential opportunities starting in the 9th and 10th grade. Many school districts have instituted Pathway programs, and Career Technical Education programs to help, but outside of the school setting students need to do their own research and get noticed!

Education opportunities come in a variety of packages, but are the basis for advancement. From on the job training, trade/tech schools, undergraduate or graduate programs – even adult learning options. With the right tools students can be proactive and take more ownership of their college prep, search, application and enrollment process. They can be guided to the right opportunities and resources available to make their education dreams a reality. Mobile apps can help them with all of this.

College Interactive (Ci) offers a free mobile college search app that is accessible to every student with access to a smartphone. It provides a mobile toolbox for a student’s entire college process from prep and search, to application and enrollment. Ci’s platform automatically matches students with higher education opportunities and college prep resources from over 4,000 institutions based on their personal preferences and interests. The Ci Mobile App can make a significant impact on each and every student with a simple download. It also allows colleges to attract and connect with students they might not reach using traditional approaches. It’s a unique solution that helps both students and colleges find their perfect match.

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CiEngage is a mobile student search and recruitment platform that transforms the way you attract, engage and interact with prospective candidates. Contacts us to enhance your recruitment strategy and start attracting students you may be overlooking.