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Engage with Gen Z - a modern day mail box in the back pocket of your entire audience


Would your organization find it beneficial to:

Provide FREE college planning tools for high schools, counselors and their students/parents, in an interactive digital experience? Or, leverage tools that allow you to personalize content and a learning experience improving student outcomes?

Activate and engage with your audience with a modern mobile marketing strategy.

Could you benefit from a modern day approach that improves the way you connect, identify, and engage with your prospective audience? College Interactive's enterprise platform can dramatically improve your ability to activate and initiate interest, connecting you directly to your audience, leading to more sales conversions.

Strategic Partnerships
If you have a product or service related  to K12 or Higher Education, you will benefit from incorporating Ci and a mobile strategy alongside your other legacy channels such as direct mail and email. With Ci you will leverage your existing sales pipeline assets more effectively than ever before. You can plug Ci right into your current plan quickly and easily.

White Label Offerings
Our proprietary mobile software solutions can be white labeled and deployed quickly as microservices to suit your needs. We can build a unified experience that starts with your own mobile app. Choose from a variety of tool kits to build out a complete mobile marketing platform, or leverage certain components to integrate with your existing tools.


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Brand Recognition

Today's younger audience is not only "mobile first", the are MOBILE ONLY. Reach them where they are, at any time, with a personalized experience at scale with Ci.

Your Brand

GenZ students are demonstrating interest in your products and services. Track interest through registration and purchase.

3,000,000 App Interactions
Mobile Messaging

Reach thousands of GenZ students who view messages every day, within 5 minutes of receipt!

54% Average Open Rate

Interactive messages, surveys, and quizzes result in extremely high engagement.

90% Average Completion Rate
Direct Inquiries

Students are inquiring and opting in for more information about products and services every day.

34% Average Click Rate

Discover how to make your brand stand out using CiEngage mobile marketing

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Mobile First Marketing

Connect and engage with college bound students to drive qualified leads where they search for products and services - on their phones.

Drives Qualified Leads

Ci provides powerful analytics. Target high probability prospects with one-to-one personalized communication.

Data Driven Success

Connected students who interact on the Ci mobile app are much more likely to convert when compared to legacy communication methods.

5X Higher
Marketing Spend

Dramatically cut costs as compared to typical legacy communications such a print, email and phone.

10X Greater ROI

Why Partner with Ci?

CiEngage will make an immediate impact on your marketing and promotional objectives! College Interactive is an innovative cloud solution for content rich MOBILE based communication.

The CiEngage platform transforms the way you access, engage, and interact with college bound teens. If you are relying primarily on legacy communications such as email, print and phone you aren't reaching them effectively - where they live - on their MOBILE phones!

CiEngage is a powerful engagement platform for any company that provides products or services to students during their college search and readiness process, and students enrolled in college.

Top Rated College Search App in Bentley’s The Biz and College Covered

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Connect your brand with GenZ using Ci mobile tools

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