First Gateway City School to Adopt Pioneering Mobile App

PDF Release – Brockton High School



Empowering students to engage in their college process

Canton, MA. June 9, 2017 – College Interactive (Ci) has announced their partnership with Brockton High School to leverage the pioneering Ci mobile app to empower students and streamline the college process for guidance counselors. Brockton becomes the first city high school in the nation to adopt the platform.

The Ci mobile app simplifies the college readiness, search, selection and application process. Ci provides students, counselors and parents with a comprehensive database of more than 4,000 colleges and universities and quickly matches students with “best fit” schools based on their interests and academic achievements.

Catherine Leger, Brockton High School Director of Guidance, praised College Interactive as a “platform that can improve outcomes across the board. For students, parents, and our school counselors, this is the wave of the future in managing the college search and selection process.”

The program is free to the school and students. Students, parents, and counselors can save significant time by quickly identifying the most appropriate schools, and obtaining detailed information about each institution. Utilizing College Interactive, Brockton guidance counselors and college recruitment professionals can instantly connect with students on the app, bridging the communication gap and engaging with students in personalized and timely one-to-one communications.

The ground-breaking app, developed by the Canton company that has invested more than $1.5 million in its development over the past 2 years, “changes the way students and colleges interact with each other”, says Rob Feldman, founder and CEO of College Interactive. “While Brockton High is the first school district to integrate the app into its guidance curriculum, hundreds of thousands of students from over 11,000 high schools, and 178 countries have already benefited from College Interactive.”

Armen Merian, a current junior, and President elect for the Brockton High class of 2018, said, “The Ci app puts everything needed for the entire college process in the palm of my hand. It is very helpful in identifying colleges I am interested in, and I continue to receive relevant and useful information from them about their programs, all through the app.”

Students complete a comprehensive in-app profile that includes their personal interests, academic achievements, and extracurricular activities. Instantaneously, the app provides a match and information on associated schools, including direct links to enrollment and tuition statistics, videos, social channels, campus visits, and the admissions office.

Brockton High guidance counselors have access to the data from each student so they can easily follow their students’ progress, follow-up, and provide personalized support. Colleges can also seamlessly connect with the students, interacting one-on-one in the medium they are most comfortable – mobile apps.

Earlier this month, students from Brockton High School used the app at their college fair. They explored and learned more about the 120 colleges at the fair. Ci provides a perfect opportunity for the students to engage with these colleges.

“Mobile apps have become the primary communication channel for the Gen-Z student population,” Feldman said. “Phone calls, email and regular mail are no longer channels today’s students use to communicate and gather information.”