College Interactive Releases CiCompass v2.0 to Streamline High School College Advising

The improved CiCompass platform provides free tools for high school counselors to more easily guide and monitor students on their path to college

BOSTON, MA – USA – June 19, 2018 – College Interactive, the next generation mobile college search and student recruitment platform, announced it has released CiCompass v2.0. The CiCompass platform provides free college advising tools for high school counselors to enable them to more easily guide and monitor their students’ progress on the college prep and selection process.

Serving a community of over 4,000 students, Brockton High School, in Brockton Massachusetts, is an early adopter of the platform. Catherine Leger, Brockton High School’s Director of Guidance, praised College Interactive as, “A platform that can improve outcomes across the board. For students, parents, and our school counselors, this is the wave of the future in managing the college search and selection process.”

The CiCompass platform is available to high schools free of charge to help school counselors oversee and manage their students path to College. It reduces counselor workload and improves student outcomes with an easy-to-use, web-accessible dashboard that allows them to track student goals, progress and accomplishments. CiCompass provides direct communication and visibility for each counselor on student progress throughout their entire college prep and selection journey. Combined with a free mobile college search app for students, CiCompass provides tools for high schools to modernize and streamline the college advising process.

The v2.0 release of the CiCompass platform includes the following new features for ease of implementation and improved student monitoring:

  • Enables High Schools to upload student lists to the Ci platform and deploy an automated welcome letter to speed the student adoption process.
  • Includes templates for school profiles and student checklists to make the set-up process faster and easier.
  • Includes an in-app chat capability for counselors to communicate with students one-to-one, by groups or by Class.
  • Provides the ability to create custom mobile checklists for students, reporting the completion status back to counselors so they can track progress against goals.
  • Gives counselors access to self-contributed student profiles to help students optimize their visibility to colleges
  • Sends automated reminders through the mobile app to help students keep on track with their goals and tasks.

“Today’s high school counselors manage an overwhelming number of students, making it difficult to deliver the same quality of guidance to all. CiCompass provides the tools high schools need to modernize and streamline the college counseling process and empower students – for free,” said Rob Feldman, CEO, College Interactive. “The overall Ci mission is to broaden the universe of colleges and candidates that both students and admissions teams have access to with bi-directional visibility and communication for more successful outcomes,” said Feldman.

About College Interactive

College Interactive (Ci) revolutionizes the college selection and enrollment process by connecting applicants with colleges through mobile technology. Ci’s innovative mobile App enables higher education institutions to market, recruit and enroll applicants from a community of over a million college bound students from all over the world who use the App to navigate the college choice process. For colleges, universities and learning enrichment providers, the Ci mobile recruitment platform provides a new and effective way to directly connect, engage, and interact with today’s mobile-focused applicants. For more information visit or follow @CiMobileApp.