College Interactive (Ci) announces release of mobile app


Mobile app to allow university admissions offices to find, engage and recruit prospective students via their preferred communication platform, from first touch through enrollment.

College Interactive, a Boston-based software developer and higher education marketing firm announced today the release of a new mobile app for high school students to learn more about their educational choices. This new app offers students the ability to research and interact one on one with colleges on a mobile platform, while also allowing college and university admissions offices to utilize a new and innovative way to find, connect with, inform, engage and recruit prospective students.

The FREE app is initially being released to high school students in the Greater Boston area with many local high schools already participating in the company’s Pilot Program. Students and their parents will have instant access to a database of over 5,000 institutions of higher learning where they can search specific criteria to identify schools that match their interests. By creating a profile, students can instantly match themselves to the College Interactive database according to their interests, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, geographic regions and more. Students can also fine tune their search with up to 15 specific filtering categories. The College Interactive app is also a tool for parents, guidance and college counseling professionals, students and colleges to collaborate.

The app provides colleges and universities 24/7 access to student prospects. College admissions, marketing and recruitment professionals will be able to access interested students’ profiles, allowing them to dramatically improve their ability to micro-target qualified prospects, interact with them and to provide timely, relevant and personalized communications to each student. Additionally, it will also provide a direct communication channel for college counselors and guidance professionals to reach their students and parents individually, or entire classes through their own custom guidance portal, directly on students’ and parents’ mobile devices. Colleges will also have the ability to message guidance counselors via the app.

“We are very excited to announce this unique and innovative mobile app specifically designed for college search and college admissions marketing/recruitment activities”

– Rob Feldman, President and CEO of College Interactive.

The app empowers students, allowing them to take ownership of their process, and to be discoverable and accessible to a much broader range of colleges, based on their student profile. It also offers a new and one-to-one direct and instant communication channel for colleges and universities to reach student prospects, expanding their geographic reach worldwide.

Through custom “microsites” within the app students will find video, social media integration, the ablilty to “favorite” a college, and much more. Students will no longer need to search through multiple college websites; a frustrating and difficult experience. Fingertip controls provide direct and instant access to relevant admissions details of all colleges in the database. The app simplifies the search experience with a fast, one tap central resource.

“College Interactive is by far the most innovative admissions marketing platform that we have seen to date. It provides a game changing capability to find and connect through mobile with prospective students. We can now build a one-to-one communication plan with prospects based on relevant interests. It will allow us as an institution to create that personal connection throughout the entire admission cycle”

– John Marcus, Vice President of Enrollment Services and Marketing, Dean College, Franklin, MA.

About the College Interactive App

The vision and mission of College Interactive is based on the fact that there is a good fit for EVERY student, regardless of their achievements academically, or otherwise. College Interactive will generate high levels of student engagement with colleges and universities, fostering the pursuit of higher education. The ability for colleges to deliver relevant and on-point information via the mobile device is a new paradigm and transformative technology in the college marketing and recruitment space.

“The ability for colleges to message students with relevant content is a huge piece in empowering students during their search process. I see some amazing potential for this app to help find the best fit for students”

– Dr. James Keane, Vice Principal , at Catholic Memorial High School, a private high school in West Roxbury, MA

The College Interactive app is also a tool for parents, guidance professionals, students and colleges to collaborate. The app provides sharing and collaboration through social media channels which is something that is expected by today’s tech savvy teens.

About College Interactive

College Interactive was born out of a third generation-owned, commercial printing company that services the higher education community in the New England area. Rob Feldman, founder and CEO, identified a downward trend in the effectiveness of print and other legacy communications for admissions marketing and student recruitment and formed College Interactive to develop a better way for students and colleges to ‘find’ and communicate with each other. “Colleges continue to rely upon traditional marketing channels such as print, web, email and phone to reach today’s tech oriented “Gen-Z” student prospects. College Interactive is transforming the college bound student experience and student recruitment for colleges and universities with its mobile app”, says Feldman. College Interactive is an extensive team of dedicated education professionals, with backgrounds in education technology, school counseling, admissions and enrollment management, student recruitment, and marketing communications.

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