Ci & Curry College partner for Research Project

Curry College – Marketing Research for College Interactive

During the Spring 2016 semester at Curry College, Milton, MA, students in Assistant Professor of Business Management, Professor Shavindrie Cooray’s course in Designing Business Information Systems, spent the semester researching the market place, analyzing the product, website, social media marketing to assist College Interactive (Ci) in expanding its reach to college bound students and their parents.

College Interactive (Ci) has developed an app specifically designed for high school students to take ownership of their college search process. Through their own custom student profile on the app, they can be accessible to a much broader range of colleges. High school communities benefit from their own unique social network and mobile app that automatically pushes messages directly to students’ and parents’ phones similar to how Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat work. In the U.S., the app is free to high schools, counselors, students, and parents.

The Curry students interviewed current high school students, their parents, and candidates that visited campus to gather information and assess the most effective ways to reach them. In addition, the students analyzed Ci social media marketing via Facebook and Twitter suggesting ways to improve the reach to each target audience. The students also spent time on the College Interactive mobile app suggesting ways to improve the platform.

At the end of the semester three groups of students presented their findings to the executive team from Ci. The ability for sharing of information from candidate-to-candidate or peer-topeer was a common theme among those surveyed. In addition, to the students and parents being able to share information about various college options. Providing a web based platform was a key for many parents versus a strictly mobile based platform.

College Interactive has had several Curry College students each semester since early 2015 participate in internships, where the students earn 3 credits towards their course requirements. Students leanr about and are actively involved in data analytics, data mining, user experience and mobile development. For more information on College Interactive Internship Program, please contact Bob Wagner, SVP, Enrollment Management.



Curry College and College Interactive