Ci Engage

A New Mobile Tool for College Counseling Success

Leveraging modern day tech beyond the high school classroom

Over the past 10 years the role of technology in education has changed dramatically. The students of today have grown up in a digital world and the use of technology in the classroom has become common place. Google Docs, Smartboards, iPads, computer labs, online learning programs and apps are just a few of the tools that can be found in many classrooms. Student Information Management Systems are being implemented as early as elementary school to manage every aspect of student data – from grades to schedules and everything in-between. While technology has been rolled out in the classroom for teaching, dolling out classroom assignments, schedules and tracking grades, it hasn’t permeated other areas of the student experience. One area in particular is the college counseling process. From an education perspective we are utilizing every tool we can to provide a better experience to students, as well as streamline and enhance learning. Wouldn’t it make sense to put more digital tools into the hands of high school counselors too?

High school counselors often manage an overwhelming number of students and wear many hats, college counseling being just one of them. What if there was a tool to streamline and automate the college counseling process so counselors could better manage ever increasing workloads? A tool to help guide students and educate them on the steps they need to take to prepare for college. A way to search for the higher education opportunities that are out there for them and directly communicate with colleges. A platform for counselors to track their progress and interests to better guide them on their journey.

A Mobile Toolbox for college prep and search

At College Interactive, we created this exact tool. It’s called CiCompass. Combined with a mobile app experience for students, CiCompass provides the tools counselors need to modernize and streamline the college counseling process and empower students – for free.

Ci Compass combines a powerful counselor platform with a mobile app for students. It comes with customizable student checklists for college prep and allow counselors to check on the completion status of every student they manage. A profile builder allows students to add information about themselves and interests, as well as provide input on their college preferences; campus size, curriculum, location, etc. Rich student contributed profiles allow counselors to better understand what their students are looking for to make the recommendation process easier.

The mobile app for students also allows them to explore and access the profiles of over 4,000 colleges and universities based on their preferences. It also offers additional resources for the entire college journey; from College Board and ACT, to FAFSA and the Common App, scholarships resources, athletic recruiting options, and much more. All in one simple and easy to navigate mobile app.

Most of all, CiCompass provides a communication channel for students, counselors and colleges to connect. CiCompass and Ci mobile app were designed to put all the tools needed for counselors, students, and colleges to collaborate and to improve outcomes for all.

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