nDUR: The Peer-to-Peer Community to Help Student Athletes Succeed in Life


For college students, the statistics are alarming: 73% of students experience some type of mental health challenges during college. For student athletes, the grueling atmosphere to compete and succeed both on the field and off amplify these challenges across the board.  Yet, only 10% of college athletes seek the help they need. (Source: Massachusetts General Hospital Clay Center, and Athletes For Hope).

Not only is there is huge gap when it comes to readily accessible mental health resources with the national average at 1900:1 (ratio of students to professional mental health counselors), but the stigma attached to opening up and discussing these issues prevents many from seeking help. 53% of students athletes don’t want parents or teammates to know they are meeting with a school counselor or therapist, and 51% fear school staff (including their coaches) might treat them differently according to the Spring Tide Research Institute. The feelings of isolation and managing through these alone can be completely overwhelming, and lead to long term issues, and even worse: suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. In 2021 alone, suicide represented 7.3% (35/477) of all-cause mortality among NCAA student athletes.


A Networked Peer-to-Peer Experience- Driven by the Voices of Student Athletes

nDUR is the world’s first technology enabled peer-to-peer community built exclusively for student athletes, where they can connect and collaborate with each other, and with former NCAA athletes who have had similar life experiences. nDUR promotes community, achievement, and self-worth. And most importantly the nDUR community provides student athletes a safe, secure and private environment where there is no stigma when it comes to talking about issues and challenges, and helping each other be one’s best self. 

In One Centralized Hub

The nDUR platform is a state-of the-art cloud solution that provides colleges and universities a safe and secure portal to conduct onboarding baseline assessments, follow on communications, deliver critical education and content, and access real-time analytics to keep track of every student athlete’s well being status. 

The nDUR Mobile App- A Modern Day Digital Experience Designed for Today’s On-the-Go Student Athletes

nDUR is thoughtfully designed to meet today’s digital native, student athletes where they are, on their phones. Mobile apps are the medium of choice when it comes to the way digital natives communicate and access content. You’ve heard the phrase “there is an app for that”; last year alone their were 21 billion app installs. We all spend 90% of our online time using mobile apps often without even realizing it. 

The nDUR app instantly and seamlessly connects student athletes to each other, on their campus and across the country, and to a network of certified mentors (all former NCCA athletes who have all had similar life experiences), as well as other valuable tools and resources they need to help them succeed in life. All in the palm of their hands.


How it Works

Peer networking tools allow student athletes with similar shared experiences to easily connect and take part in authentic and natural discussions. It’s a space that allow things to surface themselves,
all on common ground.
  • Matching filters based on commonalities allows student athletes to instantly find and connect with each other and the best-fit peer mentors within our certified network.
  • Student athletes can remain anonymous, or opt in to share their profile. It’s a personal choice that preserves the safety of anonymity and privacy for those who want it.
  • Student athletes can create and join mutual groups both within their campus and across other campuses. Group chats are a common space for them to engage in authentic and meaningful peer-to-peer conversations.
  • A student athlete can start a discussion on any topic for the entire community eliciting responses and chats for all to benefit from.
  • Powerful AI monitors chats to quickly identify both inappropriate and risk based language. 



Instant Access to Valuable Resources- Designed to Drive Engagement

A large library of video and articles on relevant topics is quickly accessible
on the app 24/7.  Student athletes can share with their peers, and drive conversations.
  • Injury

  • Nutrition

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Rest & Recovery
  • Strength & Agility

  • Family & Home Life

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Academics

  • Substance Abuse

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For Colleges & Universities

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