Mission Statement

There is limited exposure and access to higher educational opportunities for underrepresented young adults in the U.S. Many high school students do not have internet access, the necessary tools, or the proper guidance and mentoring, and are often passed by during the college and career readiness process. However, nearly all students have mobile phones, and rely on these devices exclusively for communication and access to information.

School counselors have overwhelming workloads and are challenged with an ever increasing number of roles to play, and ways to effectively communicate and stay connected with their students. This leaves many students under served and left behind.

College Interactive employs mobile technology to provide the necessary tools to empower students, allowing them to take ownership of the process, make informed decisions, and provide them direct access to higher education and opportunities that they might not otherwise have. College Interactive provides a no cost mobile app solution for high schools, their students, and school counselors.

Counselors, as well as colleges and universities, can directly access students through the Ci mobile app, learn more about what these students are prepared for and interested in, and more effectively communicate on a personal level. By streamlining the entire college process, and making it accessible in one comprehensive mobile app solution, College Interactive dramatically improves access to higher education, and student outcomes across the board.