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Great news: Genz students are DIGITAL NATIVES. This is everyday territory for them.

With current and potentially long-term restrictions on face-to-face engagement, educators have some big challenges ahead. Are you a high school counselor? How are you going to adjust and handle the college planning process for your rising seniors? Are you an admissions professional who has just lost several of your key recruitment and engagement tools: high school visits, campus visits, college fairs, and even off-campus information sessions. While your yield for this Fall’s incoming class is front and center and of major concern, looking ahead, Fall 2021 will be even more challenging.
There is however good news. Not only do we have access to a lot of great technology that will enable you to shift, (and quickly) to a fully virtual environment, but the students you need to engage with are “digital natives”. What is scary for many adults (working remotely, using video conferencing, chat, apps, etc) is second nature for the entire world population under the age of 25, and certainly not foreign for most adults under the age of 50.
In a recent survey by EAB to enrollment professionals, the addition of virtual tools, and managing expectations for international students are top of mind. From their survey:
62% are adding video conferences; 54% are promoting their virtual tour; 46% are adding social media platform live events; and 43% are increasing the number of social media live events already scheduled.

With travel restrictions already impacting all areas of the globe, it’s important now, more than ever before, to think about leveraging technology to create meaningful, personalized, and collaborative virtual experiences for students. GenZ expects this. This doesn’t mean increasing volume of outbound college recruitment emails, or bombarding high school students with more tasks. We need to get creative and focus on experiences that are fun, collaborative and designed to engage with today’s “digital age” students in a way that they expect. Think about using bite sized chunks of information, limiting the amount of time it takes to read and digest. Think about using short video clips. Think about leveraging augmented reality, and creating the most engaging experiences possible. And lastly, consult with your business partners on ways to leverage behavioral data to personalize the student experiences as much as possible. Remember- this is not new territory for students. They have been accustomed to a virtual world their whole lives.

College Interactive (Ci) provides the tools and visibility you need. Ci easily and seamlessly can enhance everything you currently do, whether it is your college counseling program, or student recruitment and student success. Get plugged directly into the palm of every students’ hand. We can help you quickly transform the way you engage with students. We welcome the chance to offer help and support in this new normal of virtual engagement. Please contact me directly to learn more: