Is nDUR free for athletes, and is it accessible to athletes who’s school is not an nDUR customer?
Yes, any rostered NCAA athlete in the U.S. can join the nDUR community.

How are Athlete’s User Accounts Created and Authenticated?
Before gaining access to the app, athletes’ name, college provided email address, and team is provided to nDUR either by a team ambassador or by their school, and uploaded to the platform. Each athlete is assigned a unique nDUR ID, and an account is created. After the athlete is authenticated, access to the app is possible. Additionally, an invitation can be sent to athletes with a temporary password to install the nDUR app, at which time they can complete the user profile.

How is Student Athlete Anonymity and Privacy Protected?
Student athletes use avatars, and “handles” to represent themselves, like they do on other social networks. No names or other PII (Personally Identifyable Information) is accessible to any user of nDUR.

Are all Chats Anonymous?
Communications between ahtletes are always 100% anonymous. Chat between ahtletes and mentors can also remain anonymous, or at the athlete’s discretion, they may choose to tell a mentor who they are.

Are Chats Encrypted?
Yes, all chats are fully encrypted and not publically exposed.

How are the Chats Moderated?
We maintain a list of key words and phrases that help identify misuse or athletes in crisis. We are also using AI and Machine Learning which over time, will “learn” to identify more accurately any misuse of the application or athletes who may potentially be in crisis.

Is there a way to report misuse of the application?
Yes, any user of nDUR can flag another user for misuse. A warning will be sent to the reported user, and a flag associated with their account. The nDUR team will assess the situation, and send a warning to the user.

What qualifications does the nDUR team have to make accurate assessments?
We have trained mental health professionals, counselors, and student success experts on the team.

Can a users account privileges be suspended or revoked?
Yes, at the discretion of the nDUR team, along with collaboration of the athlete’s school, a user account privileges (use of chat tools and discussion boards) may be suspended or revoked at the discretion of nDUR and/or the school. Note, the use of the app’s educational resources and ability to receive in-app messaging remains accessbile.

Does nDUR have built-in crisis escalation tools and processes?
1. There is direct access to Campus Support Services and Crisis Hotline in the app
2. In the event an athlete feels they are in danger to themselves or to others, or a fellow athlete feels that someone may harm themselves or others, there is also a built in crisis escalation feature. When this feature is selected, key stakeholders at the student’s school are automatically notified via SMS and email. nDUR’s built in moderation tools will also notify the school in the event that language is being used about harming one’s self or others. In the event the athlete’s school is not a client of nDUR, a Crisis Hotline link will be provided automatically to the athlete.

Does implementing nDUR require any system integration?
No integration is necessary.  Single Sign On with the intitution’s systems can be implemented upon request.

Can administrators at colleges access and use the plaform in any way?
Yes, schools can asign admin access to use the platform’s communication tools, upload content. and access reports and engagement analytics. Admins are permissioned based, so certains admin rights can be granted to some but not others.

What type of data is accessible to our college partners?
Engagement, usage and satisfaction data, such as number of app installs, active users, number of sessions, session length, and satisfaction ratings.

Is nDUR a cloud solution, and how is data secured?
Yes, all data is stored in the cloud either in the Google Data Cloud or Amazon Web Services Cloud. All data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.