Educational Advisory Board

Dr. Stacy L. Scott

Dr. Stacy L. Scott is the President of the Center for Understanding Equity. He has worked as an educator, superintendent, psychologist, coach and policy maker. He consults in business, education and non-profit settings focused on strategic planning, capacity building, data driven performance and leadership development. His early research focused on adolescent resilience. He wrote Making Equity Work as a guide for leaders to manage change, increase equity and improve the performance of students and schools. He enjoys working on equity and capacity building issues in K-12 and higher education.

He began his career as a teacher and an educational administrator at the K-12 level. He has worked as an Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent in several districts. Dr. Scott’s career has focused on improving public education through innovative practices drawn from his wide-ranging experiences as a leading professional in business, education and healthcare. A former teacher, licensed psychologist, author, business leader and policy maker, Dr. Scott brings a unique combination of practical experiences and solid preparation to his leadership endeavors.

Dr. Scott specializes in educational consulting, executive coaching, and organizational development. He collaborated with many notable educational and organizational training and consulting groups, most notably the Center for Creative Leadership, The Efficacy Institute and Teacher’s 21. Under the auspices of The Center for Understanding Equity, Dr. Scott worked with the Center for Leadership and Learning, Learning 24/7, Harvard University’s Executive Leadership Program for Educators (ExEL) and the Stupski Foundation. Dr. Scott has developed training models for diversity, leadership development, organizational improvement, including his premier workshop, Making Equity Work. Dr. Scott has consulted to large school districts and corporations on change management and developing accountability systems. As the president of The Center for Understanding Equity, Dr. Scott develops resources for building understanding of equity issues in schools and society-at-large. Dr. Scott has provided training and consulting to clients in many cities across the country such as Milwaukee and Philadelphia, training teachers and principals in multi-year engagements.

Dr. Stacy L. Scott served as the Associate Superintendent for Shared Accountability for Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. Dr. Scott supported the accountability efforts of the nation’s 16th largest district coordinating the assessment, policy, research, program evaluation, auditing, record keeping and regulatory reporting units. Dr. Scott has sought to provide leadership for large school systems through capacity building, streamlining management structures, improving student performance and closing achievement gaps. He believes that the global competitiveness of the United States and our children’s future depends on raising the level of educational attainment of all students, including the full diversity of our student population.

As an administrator, Dr. Scott has sought to more fully understanding the challenges school systems face as they seek to turn around underperformance. In his work, he has seen the lessons of the past as important anchors for building strategies. He has seen personal transformation as the beginning of understanding the systemic challenges that besiege organizational performance whether in large urban school systems or in corporate ventures. Dr. Scott found that the skill sets leaders need to be successful are common to all leaders even though the organizational landscape that they trod can be radically different. He coached many superintendents in large urban systems even before coming to a more complete understanding on the job of what superintendents deal with to be effective.