Pro-Active Approach

The nDUR platform pro-actively supports student athletes not only with peer connections, but personalized content and instant access to the tools they need to help make mental health and wellness part of every athlete’s daily routine.


The nDUR app automatically provides a daily “gameplan” for athletes. At any time, athletes can “check-in” and share how they are feeling, and the app will provide suggestions instantly. It may be anything from simply taking a break, to joining a group chat, watching a funny video, or a suggested meditation just before a big game.   


nDUR includes a built-in library of educational content, providing student athletes finger-tip access 24/7 to helpful information.  Student athletes can share with their peers, and drive conversations. Relevant reminders and on-point content is sent to student athletes daily, building awareness and mindfulness.


Live streamed (and recorded events) are delivered right to the palm of every athletes’ hand. We work alongside our university partners to bring new and exciting speakers and guests directly to your athletes. This could be alumni, pro athletes, sports psychologists and others.


The nDUR platform adds an enhanced layer of support, and is designed to augment and amplify everything you currently do. The platform also empowers your athletes to directly notiffy key campus personnel when they feel a fellow athlete is in need of professional help.