About College Interactive

College Interactive (Ci) revolutionizes the college selection and enrollment process by connecting applicants with colleges through mobile technology. Ci’s innovative mobile App enables higher education institutions to market, recruit and enroll applicants from a community of over a million college bound students from all over the world who use the App to navigate the college choice process. For colleges, universities and learning enrichment providers, the Ci mobile recruitment platform provides a new and effective way to directly connect, engage, and interact with today’s mobile-focused applicants.

About Our Technology

Nearly all college bound students, regardless of socioeconomic status, have mobile phones, and rely on these devices exclusively for communication and access to information, including college information.

College Interactive employs a proprietary mobile platform to provide the necessary tools to empower students, allowing them to take ownership of the process, make informed decisions, and provide them direct access to higher education opportunities they are seeking. On Ci, students enter their information and start their search via a mobile app by any number of criteria: location, major, size, activity – the search options are endless. Students vary their search on their own personal preferences - assuring that you appear in relevant searches. There is no other mobile app today that has the functionality of an entire college search. Ci is changing student search moving beyond websites and onto their phones.

Colleges and universities can directly engage with students through the Ci mobile app, learn more about what these students are prepared for and interested in, and more effectively communicate on a personal level. Long gone are the days of waiting for test names to be released to communicate with students, the candidates are already on Ci. By streamlining the entire college search process and making it accessible in one comprehensive solution, College Interactive dramatically improves the selection process for all – simply connecting the right colleges and universities to the right students.