About Ci

Ci evolved from a 50 year old traditional marketing communications firm that specialized first in Admissions Viewbooks, then email and digital marketing. In 2009, shortly after the iPhone was released, we realized there was a need to reimagine the student recruitment and admissions experience. We designed and launched a mobile app experience for digital natives, and in 2014, Ci was born. In just a short time, over 300,000 students in 178 countries had used our app research and connect with hundreds of US Colleges & Universities, from small to large. We saw great success, trended No. 1 on the App Store, and were told by our college partners that 80% or more of the candidates coming from the Ci App Community were unique in their funnel.

The pandemic created yet another paradigm in communications and student support. We understood how apps were the most effective tool to deliver content and connect people.  Two new solutions were developed.  CiRecruit is an offshoot from our successful Ci app, providing institutions with a turn-key institutionally branded app experience for student recruitment. CiRecruit is the only app experience of its kind, designed exclusively for the pre-enrollment stage of the student journey. Secondly, we took a look at how we could leverage our app expertise at a different stage of the student journey, and realized we could help institutions with the mounting mental health crisis. nDUR (short for Endurance) is a networked peer to peer (and peer to near peer) community exclusively for student athletes.

We are a mission driven company who’s focus is to provide more equitable access to higher education, as well as help student athletes better manage the stresses and challenges they face every day while pursuing their college degree.