About College Interactive


Since 2014, College Interactive (Ci) has revolutionized the way students explore and access higher education and the way colleges and universities engage with and recruit candidates. We are a dedicated team of experienced higher educational enrollment and recruitment professionals who set out to solve a problem: how to better support colleges in their recruiting efforts, and a way to put the right tools into students hands to help them in their quest to find the right college education. We are the leader in the mobile app space when it comes to student recruitment. We have supported hundreds of thousands of students, and have provided services to over a hundred colleges and universities. Ci evolved from a 50 year old traditional marketing communications firm that specialized first in Viewbooks, then email and digital marketing. In 2009, shortly after the iPhone was released, we realized there was a need to design a native app experience for digital natives, and so in 2014, Ci was born.


Nearly everyone on the planet, regardless of socioeconomic status, has a smart phone. We all rely on these devices almost exclusively for communication, access to information, shopping, banking and just about everything in our day-to-day lives. A paradigm shift to a "mobile first" society began just a few years ago, and the transition is now complete. Ci’s innovative mobile app technology and associated SaaS platform enables higher educational institutions to more effectively and affordably meet ever increasing enrollment goals. For colleges, universities and learning enrichment providers, the Ci mobile app based recruitment platform provides a new and effective way to directly connect, engage, and interact with today’s mobile-focused "GenZ" student prospects.


Our mission is to improve student outcomes and educational opportunities for all students, regardless of socio-economic background. Ci puts the tools squarely in the palms of students hands to help them on their quest to a college degree. And allows colleges and universities a modern-day approach to achieve their enrollment objectives.

College Interactive provides the necessary tools to empower students, allowing them to take ownership of the process, make informed decisions, and provide them direct access to higher education opportunities they are seeking. There is no other mobile app today that has unifies the entire college planning, search, and selection journey into one comprehensive mobile app experience.

Colleges and universities can directly engage with students, learn more about what these students are prepared for and interested in, and more effectively communicate on a personal level, at scale. College Interactive dramatically improves the selection process for all – simply connecting the right colleges and universities to the right students.