Data Driven Personalization

Every student athlete has a unique and different “want”. Things that will improve life, from the moment they step foot on campus through their final game and graduation. By leveraging user engagement data each student athlete’s experience on nDUR can be personalized and tailored to these “wants”.

The Right Content, at the Right Time

nDUR’s innovative mood selector, automatically matches the right content with the right individual, at the right time. Student athletes can select their mood at any time, while walking from one class to another or an hour before a game. The app makes suggestions on things to do to improve mood. This could be as simple as a 3 minute break, watching an engaging video, or joining a chat or discussion board.

Real-Time Insight

nDUR provides institutions instant access to data on usage, engagement, and overall satisfaction. This can be filtered by gender, team, and other key data points providing clear visibility into the value of nDUR.