A better digital experience leads to more engaged candidates and students.

Our off-the-shelf, no code platform allows our team to create delightful institutionally branded app experiences without any formal IT integration. We get you set up in a day or two, without any disruption to your current model. We do all the work, so you can focus on other priorities. 

We build an automated communication workflow that emulates your current communication plan, track and report on engagement.

A fully branded app experience support the entire student journey, and powerful analytics and reporting tools allows you to identify the most engaged candidates and the most in need students, in real-time over selected date ranges.


Fingertip access and seamless navigation of the entire admissions experience. One centralized digital experience supports candidates to on stay on track, and achieve admissions milestones, all the way to enrollment.




Our apps are compatible across all types of mobile devices including smart watches. With one of these devices almost always within arms reach of candidates,  communications are received and viewed almost instantly.






An app is an interactive experience that connects prospects to virtual campus tours, video, maps, communications, your call center or admissions advisors, and any public or private URL.









Our in-app browser means students never leave the app experience, and have the links they need in one convenient place as compared to navigating websites, and separate experiences.









If you dont have the budget for a portal, use our app which has a built-in admissions status screen.  Or replicate statuses here. Prospects never lose track of what they need to do next, and don’t miss critical milestones. Links to every task are front and center for easy access.






We build automated workflows for you, that alert and reminder candidates at every step of the process, ensures prospects dont miss a beat, from pre-application to post-admit.









One centralized message inbox makes it convenient for candidates to keep track of and save important communications. Your reps can leverage our two-way texting module to establish one-to-one relationships from early interest all the way to enrollment. Real-time analytics can alert your team exactly when prospects are engaging on the app.

And, with our powerful communication tools, we can pre-schedule communications with creative graphics, links and salutations that result in up to 90% open rates! 

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