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3 Advantages of Using Personalized Marketing for Student Recruitment

create a successful personalized mobile college search experience

Why Personalization is Essential to Student Recruitment

People place a high value on being acknowledged as an individual. They have increasingly come to expect a personalized experience from the brands they remain loyal to. Think Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Netflix — the brands consumers value most for their highly personalized experiences. Personalization is one-to-one marketing in the truest sense — one brand speaking directly to one person. When applied to the college student recruitment process, personalization helps to integrate prospective student information into a content delivery framework. The experience then becomes highly relevant.

Today’s tech savvy and mobile-first college bound teens expect a completely personalized experience. Without this approach, prospective students, who have so many college and career options, lose interest quickly. Ensuring each prospective student feels special is a critical change needed to meet ever increasing enrollment challenges.

While colleges and universities have evolved the methods that they use to identify and engage with candidates, including the use of email and in some cases texting, they are not adapting quickly enough. Successful consumer marketers have embraced new technology and data available to connect with this generation of mobile first teen consumers. Colleges and universities need to follow suit with student recruitment practices to keep pace.

We tackled this topic in a new white paper that discusses:

  • Why personalization is the key to recruitment success with Gen Z
  • 3 advantages of using personalization for student recruitment
  • How to create a successful personalized mobile college search experience

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