Meet your Mobile Only Candidates on their Turf

The adoption of mobile apps in our lives, and the impact of Covid-19 has forever changed how we think about student recruitment strategies. Access and engagement with qualified candidates is more challenging than ever before. Are you relying on costly and ineffective legacy email and direct mail marketing to drive your admissions engagement and conversions?

College Interactive (Ci) is higher education's only mobile marketing platform designed exclusively for student recruitment. We are the pioneer in this space and have been at it since 2014, refining our solution. Over 300,000 students have connected with hundreds of colleges and universities using the Ci app.

If you want to differentiate your brand, convert more students at each stage of your admissions funnel, take a modern day approach to student recruitment, and lower your cost of student acquisition,  we would love to show how we do it!

college interactive mobile app
Mobile Powered Recruitment Automation

Ci provides the most effective way to access, and engage with digital natives at a personal level. With our powerful lead nurturing automation, Ci delivers higher conversions at each stage of the cycle, dramatically lowering the cost of student acquisition, and increasing your enrollment numbers.


Student Centric Experience

Today's digital natives demand seamless experiences. Ci puts your brand and admissions process in the palm of their hands. Ci will differentiate your brand amongst a sea of college choices. And does it at scale with full automation, so you can focus your resources on other important priorities.


Conversion Optimization

As students apply to more and more schools, increasing conversions of started applications to submitted, and admits to deposits is critical. Ci is the most effective conversion solution in higher education. With automated reminders, nudges and ability to track status of each candidate, Ci will increase your yield of applications, deposits and enrollments.


Over 300,000 students have engaged on Ci with hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities spanning

School Districts

What the Ci Community is Saying

When College Interactive approached us in 2014, we immediately saw the value for our students to easily navigate the colleges admissions process and connect with college admissions advisors. It really helped our students find the best fit programs. Our students live and breath on their smart devices and Ci is an extremely convenient tool for them to use.

Robert Tegan
Director of Guidance
Catholic Memorial High School

I admire the drive and creative vision of what Ci can be. I am excited to be partnering with a new company with a unique product and fresh ideas and look forward to working with your team moving forward.

Louise Howe Director of Marketing Communications for Admissions Quinnipiac University
Louise Howe
Director of Marketing Communications for Admissions
Quinnipiac University

College Interactive was a tremendous help for me when navigating the overwhelming admissions process. Especially helpful was the digital checklist that kept me on track with reminders and direct links to everything I needed to accomplish. Getting from step one to completion was so simple. Thanks CI!


Changing the Game with Student Recruitment Innovation