The Next Generation of College Search and Student Recruitment

The search for the right college and students can be daunting. Ci has created a mobile platform that addresses the needs of students, high school counselors and college admissions pros for a more personalized experience that drives successful outcomes for all.

Why mobile? That’s how today and tomorrow’s college bound students consume information and connect with the world – through their mobile phones and apps. The Ci mobile college search and student recruitment platform provides a new and effective way to directly connect, engage and interact with both colleges and candidates.

college interactive mobile app

The CiEngage™ mobile platform is the new way to attract, connect and interact with prospective qualified candidates.


High Schools

CiCompass™ provides free tools for counselors to more easily communicate with, monitor and guide your students college prep and search process.



The Ci Mobile app puts tools to manage the college prep, search and selection journey at your fingertips.


Students Can Search for 4,000+ Colleges and Universities: Join the Colleges Leveraging Ci to Connect with them Via the App


What is the Ci App?

Explore how the mobile app empowers you on your college readiness, search and selection journey.

Our student community now spans

High Schools

What the Ci Community is Saying

When College Interactive approached us in 2014, we immediately saw the value for our students to easily navigate and find colleges that would fit them best on Ci. Our students live and breath on their smart devices and Ci is an extremely convenient tool for them to use.

Robert Tegan
Director of Guidance
Catholic Memorial High School

I admire the drive and creative vision of what Ci can be. I am excited to be partnering with a new company with a unique product and fresh ideas and look forward to working with your team moving forward.

Louise Howe Director of Marketing Communications for Admissions Quinnipiac University
Louise Howe
Director of Marketing Communications for Admissions
Quinnipiac University

College Interactive was a tremendous help for me when I was searching for colleges. I really wanted to study out of state, and the college preference tool really helped me narrow down my search and find the perfect university for me. Thanks CI!


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