College Interactive helps colleges and universities meet enrollment and student success objectives through best-in-class technology solutions. 

MOBILE apps allow you to meet GenZ candidates and students where they are: on their phones, in the palm of their hands. 


Our apps are specifically designed to support student recruitment, admissions and mental health for your student athletes.

Today's digital consumers expect finger tip accessibility, IN A CONNECTED AMAZON LIKE experience. Whether you are looking to power your student recruitment or support the mental health of your student athletes, an APP should be part of your strategy.



Mobile Powered Automation

Ci provides the most effective way to access, and engage with digital natives at a personal level. With our powerful lead nurturing and communications automation, our apps improves engagement, increasing your enrollment numbers at a lower cost per acquired student. nDUR, our networked peer-to-peer community connects student athletes with each other, across campuses.


Student Centric Experience

Today's digital natives demand seamless and convenient digital experiences. If you are relying on last generation's communication methods like email and phone calls, you're probably realizing it isn't effective enough anymore.


Conversion Optimization & ROI

The Ci app experience is the most effective and affordable conversion tool in higher education. With app based automated alerts, reminders, and nudges, more of your quality candidates will track seamlessly throughout the entire admissions funnel, resulting in higher enrollments.


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Over 300,000 undergraduate and graduate students have researched their educational options, and enrolled at hundreds of U.S. Colleges and Universities using our apps, since 2014. College Interactive is the leader in higher education enrollment marketing and admissions innovation.