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CiEngage™ is a cloud based solution for mobile student recruitment. The Ci platform transforms the way you access, engage, and interact with your prospective candidates. If you are relying solely on legacy communications such as email, print and phone you aren't reaching GenZ students where they live.

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Colleges & Universities across the U.S. are directly connecting with students from a community spanning

37,000 high schools and 178 countries

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Mobilize your student recruitment strategy and differentiate your institution with the Ci Mobile app, and a fully custom Ci Featured Profile. Personalize your communication through our proprietary CiConnect mobile messaging and CiChat portal. Drive brand awareness, campus visits, qualified applications, and increase yield of best fit candidates. Every interaction on the Ci app is attributed to the individual student and their unique profile, delivering the most comprehensive data driven recruitment available.

A Ci subscription is very affordable, requires no IT integration, and no bandwidth by you. From enrollment campaign strategy, to content creation, message deployment and complete analytics and reporting, the Ci team does it all. The Ci mobile app outperforms all legacy communication channels, and will improve your enrollment outcomes, Let’s get started today!

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Potential candidates are demonstrating interest in your school. Track their interest from first touch through enrollment.

College Searches

Mobile Messaging

Thousands of students view messages from colleges every day, within 5 minutes of receipt!

Average Open Rate


Interactive messages, surveys, and quizzes result in extremely high engagement.

Average Completion Rate

Direct Inquiries

Students are inquiring and opting in for more information about colleges every day.

Average Click Rate

Student Search

Access pre-qualified and unique leads. View and import complete profiles of connected prospects.

High Schools


Use our powerful analytics to develop deep insight on each candidate. Target high probability prospects with one-to-one personalized communication.

Data Driven


Connected students who interact on the Ci mobile app are much more likely to convert when compared to current communication methods.


Marketing Spend

Dramatically reduce costs as compared to typical legacy communications such a print, email and phone.

Greater ROI

What are college admissions and marketing professionals saying?

"The pace of innovation at College Interactive indicates the attitude of the team. That team is not sitting still, product evolution is constant, they are open to new ideas, and they are developing unexpected improvements. In less than a year this tool has become our number one source code for two of the three class years we are communicating with. We are thrilled to be working with team Ci and their app!"

Stephen Dill
Director of Marketing
Wheelock College

"I admire the drive and creative vision of what Ci can be. I am excited to be partnering with a new company with a unique product and fresh ideas and look forward to working with your team moving forward."

Louise Howe
Director of Marketing Communications for Admissions
Quinnipiac University

"College Interactive is by far the most innovative admissions marketing platform that we have seen to date. It provides a game changing capability to find and connect through mobile with prospective students. We can now build a one-to-one communication plan with prospects based on relevant interests. It will allow us as an institution to create that personal connection throughout the entire admission cycle"

John Marcus
former Vice President of Enrollment Services and Marketing
Dean College

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